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ATV and UTV Tires

All Tires are TIRE ONLY - No Wheel Included - unless otherwise noted in the Item Description.

In selecting upgrade or replacement ATV or UTV tires, begin by identifying the type of riding and terrain surface. For recreational or non-recreational use, the correct tire choice dramatically affects ride satisfaction, durability, performance and handling characteristics. When selecting ATV tires, performance features such as flotation, flexibility, cornering capability, ply-rating and puncture resistance are factors that should be considered. Application-specific tires make remarkable gains in vehicle performance if used in suitable riding environments.

At we list the specifications for each tire to help you find the tire you are looking for. This includes the ply, load capacity and maximum air pressure as well as the diameter, tire width and rim width. We also specify whether each tire is bias or radial construction as well as the type of surface it is designed to be used on. In addition, we list accessory items for each tire to help you easily identify the correct tube for each tire. We also feature many types of tires in addition to ATV. Please click here to buy agricultural tires online. has ATV tires for sale online, featuring a broad range of utility and performance ATV/UTV brands and tires, including:

Carlisle — Escape to the outdoors with exceptional ride and traction. Except for very limited exceptions, Carlisle ATV/UTV tires are made in the USA.

  • A.C.T. and A.C.T. HD
  • All Trail and All Trail II
  • AT101 Chevron
  • AT 489 and AT 489 XL
  • Badlands XTR
  • Black Rock
  • Fast Trax
  • HD Field Trax
  • Knobby
  • Mud Wolf
  • Stryker
  • Terrathon
  • Trail Pro
  • Trail Wolf and Trail Wolf Sport
  • Turf Tamer
  • Versa Trail

Kenda — On the road, on the trail or on the track, you can count on Kenda quality.

  • Bearclaw K299
  • Front Max K284
  • Pathfinder K530
  • Scorpion K290
  • Staggered Bar K472

GBC — Our passion is to provide the highest quality and most innovative performance tires to the Powersports enthusiast.

  • Afterburn and Afterburn Street Force
  • Dirt Commander
  • Dirt Devil
  • Grim Reaper
  • Kanati Mongrel
  • Spartacus
  • XC-Master
  • XC-Racer

Interco — Heroes come and go, but legends live forever.

  • Black Mamba
  • LI-EF
  • Reptile
  • Super Swamper
  • Swamp Lite

OTR — 30 years of engineering quality products.

  • 350 Mag
  • 350 Mag w/Tireliner
  • 350 Super Mag
  • 440 Mag
  • Tomahawk ND

Deestone — World class quality tires.

  • Dirt Dragon D943
  • Knobby D929
  • Outlaw D985
  • Swamp Witch D932
  • Trail Crusher D942
  • Wooly Booger D930

Goodyear — Tires specially designed for your trail-from soupy bogs to sand dunes.

  • ATT901, ATT902, ATT911, ATT912 and ATT913
  • Rawhide III, Rawhide EMT, Rawhide Grip, Rawhide RS and Rawhide Terra
  • Tracker ATT EMT, Tracker Mudrunner EMT, Tracker P/P EMT, Tracker PT

Titan — Featuring specially designed treads, along with durable construction, to give you reliable performance wherever the trail takes you.

  • 489 X/T front and rear
  • 589 M/T
  • AT 489
  • Fast Trekker front and rear
  • Sabre Tooth

Duro — Dig into performance with tires for your ATV and UTV. Building over 50 years of technological know-how into everything we make.

  • DI-K968 (OLD DUNLOP KT869)

Gladiator — Aggressive lugs dig deep in the mud and offer excellent clean out and a smooth, predictable ride on hard packed trails. Heavy duty 6 ply rated carcass and high mileage compound for maximum durability and tread life to meet the tough demands of today's high-performance applications.

  • ATV A/T
  • ATV M/T
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