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Trying to buy lawn mower tires online, as well as other types of lawn and garden tires, can be confusing because there are so many styles, brands and sizes available. Some things to keep in mind are the type of use (commercial vs. residential vs. golf course); the load carrying capacity; how much traction you need (hilly terrain and slopes vs. flat ground) and even the type of shoulder the tire has (round vs. square). If you are mowing commercially you probably want a heavy-duty tire designed to stand up to the rigors of continuous, aggressive use rather than a standard turf tire for the homeowner. A golf course or other specialized terrain may require a tire designed to minimize impact to the turf. The load carrying capacity of a tire is determined by air pressure and air volume. Tire construction determines the constraints on the air pressure and volume. You should always maintain proper inflation to maximize carrying capacity and properly balance loads. Two tires in the same size can have very different characteristics. For example, an 18x8.50-8 four ply Turf Master tire when properly inflated will carry 825 pounds at 22 PSI (pounds per square inch) at 10 miles per hour. But an eight ply Multi Trac C/S in the same size will carry 1,280 pounds at 44 PSI at 10 miles per hour. When thinking about traction, you may need a tire with a more aggressive lug tread pattern if your tractor spends a lot of time on hills while you may choose a more standard turf tread if you are on level surfaces and want to minimize damage to the turf. You may even choose a tire with a ribbed or a smooth tread design in situations where you want less traction. Finally, a rounded shoulder offers a footprint that increases maneuverability while minimizing damage to the turf while turning. These are typically used as steer tires. A squared shoulder is designed to achieve a larger, flatter footprint while providing high flotation, enhanced traction and a more rugged appearance. These are usually found on the drive axle.

At we have lawn mower tires for sale online, with a large array of brands, sizes and tread designs to help your equipment handle any application. You can get detailed information regarding the ply, carrying capacity, tread design, inflation and dimensions to make sure you have the right tire for the job. You can also use our search filters to shop by brand or see all of the available tires in a given size. Whether you are a landscaper or mowing at home, on flat or hilly ground, on rough terrain or pristine greens, at you can find the tire you need. We also have a wide variety of other tires in addition to lawn and garden. Please click here to buy tires for trailers online.

At you can buy turf tires online, featuring many brands and types of tires to suit any lawn and garden application, including:

Carlisle — Our outdoor power equipment products bring turf-friendly traction, versatility and stability to your land.

  • Classic Rib
  • Extra Grip M&S
  • Fairway Pro Golf Cart
  • Link Sport Golf Cart
  • Links Golf Cart
  • Multi Trac
  • Power Trac
  • Sawtooth
  • Smooth
  • Snow Hog
  • Straight Rib
  • Stud
  • Super Lug
  • Tour Max Golf Cart
  • Tru Power
  • Turf CTR
  • Turf Glide Golf
  • Turf Master
  • Turf Pro
  • Turf Saver
  • Turf Saver II
  • Turf Smart
  • Turf Trac R/S
  • Ultra Trac Chevron
  • Wheelbarrow
  • X-Trac Snow Blower

Kenda — Designed for your journey.

  • K276 Sawtooth
  • K357 Bar Lug
  • K358 Turf Rider
  • K389 Hole-N-1 Sawtooth
  • K398A Polar Trac Snow
  • K401 Rib
  • K404 Smooth
  • K472 Staggered Bar
  • K500 Super Turf
  • K502 Terra Trac
  • K505 Tracmaster
  • K505 Radial Turf

Deestone — A world class quality tire.

  • D256 Stud
  • D258 Golf Cart
  • D265 Turf
  • D289 Sawtooth
  • D405 Ag
  • D408 Utility Lug
  • D601 Wheelbarrow
  • D838 Commercial Turf

Galaxy — Special purpose-built tires to operate on sensitive grounds.

  • Mighty Mow
  • Super Soft
  • Turf Special

Titan — You can rely on us to keep you moving.

  • Grizz LSW Soft Turf
  • Grizz LSW 430 Soft Turf Radial
  • Multi Trac
  • Soft Turf

Goodyear — Our tires keep you moving.

  • SofTrac
  • SofTrac II
  • SofTrac 105
  • Xtra Trac

OTR — Providing the answers to your tire needs.

  • Grassmaster
  • Tracmaster
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18x8.50/22x12R-8 TR13 (10)

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