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When choosing farm tires, there are several things to consider in order to get the best performance. First, consider the proper tread design for the job. For example, in rear farm tires an R1 is best for general dry land farming, while an R1W is suitable for farming in wet, moist, heavy clay soils and an R2 is ideal for wet muck and mud such as rice or sugar cane farming. Next, make certain your tire is large enough and has a high enough ply rating to carry the maximum load you intend to place it. In the instance of a 6.00-16 front steering tire, a 6 ply will carry a 1,140 pound load but an 8 ply will handle 1,360 pounds if you need that extra capacity. Also, compare the size of the tire you are replacing with the new tire. The Mounted Width is the overall width of the tire cross-section and the Mounted Diameter is the diameter of a new inflated tire measured at the centerline. These measurements are important in determining clearance and can be vitally important if your equipment is four wheel drive. You may also wish to consider radial vs. bias construction, as radial tires have characteristics that provide traction and efficiency superior to bias tires. Finally, think about whether you need a tubeless or tube type tire. Tubeless tires have been adopted at all wheel positions by leading tractor manufacturers-they operate at the same inflation and with the same load capacity as tube type tires, providing higher reliability and easier puncture repair.

At we have a wide variety tires for farm equipment in stock and ready to ship to you. Whether your tire is for the front or rear of your machine, whether it is bias or radial, tube type or tubeless, for a tractor or backhoe, has the farm tire you’re looking for. We also offer many other types of tires in addition to farm. Please click here to buy construction vehicle tires online. has agricultural tires for sale online, featuring many brands and types of tires to suit any farm application, including:

Titan — Field and family are your legacy. Innovation and quality are ours.

  • R1 design: Farm Tractor; Hi Power Lug; Hi Power Lug Radial; Hi Traction Lug; Hi Traction Lug Radial; Irrigation; Traction Drive; Tru Power II; TT415
  • R1W design: Ag 49H Radial; Ag 49M Radial; TT49V Radial
  • R2 design: Hi Load Harvester
  • I1 design: Dura Life; Dura Life Planter; Hi Flo; Hi Flo Stubble Guard; Stubble Guard Implement
  • FI design: Highway Implement
  • I3 design: Traction Implement; Traction Implement 422
  • F2 design: Tru Trac Front Tractor
  • F2M design: Tru Trac Multi Rib
  • R3 design: Torc Trac; Torc Trac Radial; Torc Trac II
  • HF1 design: Flo Trac Rib
  • HF3 design: Flo Trac Lug

Goodyear — Our tires keep you moving.

  • R1 design: DT710 Radial; Dura Torque; Dyna Torque II; Dyna Torque Radial; Harvest Torque; Power Torque; Ultra Sprayer Radial; Ultratorque Radial
  • R1W design: DT800; DT806; DT810; DT812; DT820; DT824; DT830; Super Traction Radial
  • R2 design: Special Sure Grip TD8
  • I1 design: 4 Rib Implement; Farm Highway Implement; Farm Utility; Rib Implement; Rib Implement DOT; Smooth Implement; Terra Rib
  • FI design: Single Rib Implement; Farm Highway Service
  • I2 design: SofTrac II
  • I3 design: Sure Grip Traction; Traction Implement; Super Flot Radial
  • F2 design: 3 Rib HD; Super Rib
  • F2M design: Dyna Rib
  • F3 design: Multi Rib; FS24
  • R3 design: All Weather; SofTrac; SFT105
  • HF1 design: SFT105
  • HF2 design: Super Terra Grip
  • HF3 design: Super Terra Grip XT
  • LS2 design: Logger Lug III

Carlisle — With a broad range of applications for farm equipment, our performance products are the well-known workhorses for your farm.

  • R1 design: CSL24 Bias; CSL32 Bias HA; CSL28 Radial; Farm Specialist; Farm Specialist HA
  • I1 design: Implement; 6 Rib Implement; Multi Rib
  • FI design: Highway Implement
  • F2 design: 3 Rib
  • F2M design: 4 Rib
  • F3 design: Industrial Front
  • R3 design: Turf Pro; CSL48
  • HF1 design: Multi Rib

Alliance — Tractor tires designed for top performance under all working conditions.

  • R1 design: 304 Rear Tractor; 324 Farm Pro; 347 Rear Tractor; 349 Yield Master; A350 Row Crop Radial; 357 Rear Tractor
  • R1W design: 385 AgriTrac Radial; 842 Farm Pro 85 Radial; 846 Farm Pro II Radial
  • I1 design: 222 Ag Implement; 542 Rib Implement
  • I3 design: 328 Flotation Implement; 331 Flotation Implement
  • FI design: 543 High Speed Implement
  • F2 design: 303 Front Tractor
  • F2M design: 313 4 Rib
  • F3 design: 327 Farm Pro
  • R3 design: 316 Multi Purpose; 329 Multi Purpose; 330 Low OD HD Design
  • Flotation design: 221 Grasslands Flotation; 380 Flotation Radial; 390 Ag Transport Flotation Radial
  • Backhoe design: 550 Multiuse Radial Backhoe; 606 Radial Backhoe

Galaxy — Engineered for excellent performance-easy on the environment, but tough on the job.

  • R1 design: Ag Star; Agri Trac II; Super Hi Lift; Super Industrial
  • I1 design: Ag Implement; Impmaster 200; Rib Implement; Rib Implement Stubble Guard; Stubble Proof Highway
  • I2 design: Impmaster 350
  • F2M design: Multi Rib Front
  • R3 design: 329 Diamond Tread; Compactor; Mighty Mow

Deestone — Move the world.

  • R1 design: D308 Ag; D316 Trencher; D321 Ag
  • R1W design: D409 Ag; D413 Ag
  • I3 design: D402 Ag; D405 Ag
  • F2 design: D401 3 Rib
  • R4 design: D314 Industrial

Crop Max — The best is yet to come.

  • R1 design: Farm Torque; Irri Pro Irrigation
  • I1 design: Farm Wagon
  • F2 design: Farm Guide
  • F2M design: Pro Rib

Camso — We start where the road ends.

  • R1 design: Traction Master
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